Frequently Asked Questions: Zoom

I’m new to this. How do I get Zoom?

Go to OIT’s Zoom Meetings page and click the yellow ACCESS ZOOM button. Zoom Meetings is available automatically for Duke University and Duke Health campus-based faculty, staff, and students. You can find more information at Getting Started on Windows and Mac.

How do I get started with a meeting?

Go to, select the Sign in button, and authenticate with your NetID and password. If you’d like help to walk through the whole process, please see Zoom Meetings: Comprehensive Starting Guide.

I’m a Duke affiliate, not student, faculty or staff. How do I get access to Zoom?

You can sign up for a free Zoom account at It is also possible to join a Zoom meeting and participate without having a Zoom account.

If you need the additional features of a Duke account, such as extended meeting times, ask your Duke sponsor to request a Zoom account for you. Contact the OIT Service Desk.

I get “Record to Local”, not “Record to Cloud.” What’s wrong?

You need to login with Duke’s SSO/Shib with an incognito browser. Go back to the login page and login with your

I’m concerned about privacy. Can you tell me more about that?

Yes! Avoid Zoom Vandalism by not sharing your meeting link on public channels, use a randomly generated meeting ID, and restrict participant options. For more information, see Protect Your Zoom Meetings.

How do you create a co-host?

Sign into>settings->meetings (basic)->scroll to Co-hosts and make sure that is enabled. After you start your meeting, enable the participants view, hover over the person you want to be co-host and click on ‘More’, select ‘make co-host’.

Zoom settings: Co-host

Can co-hosts manage break-out rooms?

No, but you can make someone else a host and they can.

Why would I use a break-out room?

Breakout rooms allow participants to have private meetings without having to setup multiple simultaneous Zoom meetings.

I recorded my Zoom session but can’t find it.

If you record to the cloud, you’ll get an email from Zoom once your recording is ready.

Or, from the website, look for “Recordings” on the left side.

Zoom settings: Recordings

Can I join multiple meetings at the same time?


Can you implement live polling?

Yes! If you’re the host, you may need to enable polling for your own meetings. Be sure to turn on the polling option before your meeting begins, and consider testing it beforehand.

Can you see the chat while you are sharing your screen?

Yes, but it can be distracting. We recommend co-hosts to monitor the chat while the host does the presentation (assuming this is a presentation type of meeting).

I love Zoom! How can I learn more?

Good question! You can go to, search for ‘zoom’ and look through that information. You can also go to